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When you discover what your business is really about, success is inevitable.

  • Claremont, CA USA (map)

Join us for an inspiring business workshop in Claremont, CA on August 28th, 6-8pm.

What makes or breaks a company's success? It's not the best products or the loudest marketing. It's the amount of focus and clarity it has.

Join us and learn the „secret“ of the world‘s best run companies by answering the six essential questions for success and growth.

  1. What are you really about?

  2. What value does your business really offer?

  3. Who are your clients really?

  4. What culture do you really need to build?

  5. What is the story you tell your clients?

  6. How do you share your story with your clients?

This workshop is not about short-term marketing stunts or funnel strategies. Just a simple and proven human approach on how to engage people with your business in order to turn them into long term fans and followers. It has worked for thousands of great companies. Make it work for you.