On a mission to heal the business world.


About us and you

Olivier Egli

Nearly 20 years of work for advertising agencies, production companies and large corporations as creative director, film director, producer and co-owner have taught me one thing: There is something very wrong with the way we do business. An avid believer in the power of storytelling, I wanted to use my experience to heal the heavily damaged relationships between brands and their customers. Years of research into what makes organizations impactful have led to the simple and yet groundbreaking insights of the story of WHY - the one story that every organization needs to share.

Vira Egli

After years of work in sales and marketing for small and large brands, I found it difficult to align my beliefs with companies whose sole purpose was to generate revenue at the cost of staff morale and customer appreciation. The relationship between brand and consumer is very influential, and I strive to help businesses sell from a place of purpose. A healthy profit is a natural consequence of creating an impactful relationship with fans of your brand.


You remember how stuck you felt? Your marketing campaigns (if you had any) were performing averagely, your sales were stagnant and retention seemed to become harder and harder. Things seemed to be going nowhere. Sometimes you sat in your office wondering, “Why is this not working? Why do I even bother?”. Until finally you said to yourself, “there has to be something more,” and you decided to get some therapy for your business. You remembered why you started the business in the first place, slowly uncovering your mission, bringing your beliefs back to life and phrased a purpose that blew new wind into your tired sails. Instantly, a fire sparked within your team. Your message became clear, your marketing stood out and your customers turned into fans, happy to tell others about you. The best part of all, your work is now fulfilling.

This is our wish for all business owners and individuals seeking a purpose-filled life.